Interview Hacks: How to Persuasively Work ANY Interview with Proven Tactics and Strategies

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No. This book will not guarantee you a job.

But will it increase your chances? Absolutely.

If you’re looking for a big book with all the technicalities to preparing for an interview, how to memorize thousands of answers of interview questions, and how to write a good resume.

Wrong book.

There are plenty of books out there that you can read instead of this one.

But they won’t be enough.

Whether interviewing for a college or a company job, actionable parts like what to dress and how to speak are important, but they’re infinitely secondary.

More important than all of that is your mindset. I call this the Interview Mindset.

But don’t misunderstand me. I don’t simply mean interviews with potential employers. The reality is: All of life is a series of interviews.

  • First impressions are interviews.
  • People stalking you on LinkedIn or Facebook? Interview.
  • Trying to introduce yourself to a potential date? That’s an interview.
  • Every day that you meet somebody, you’re submitting yourself to an interview as they ask, “Do I like this person?”, “What kind of person is this?”, “Can I trust this person?”, “Are they interesting?”

    This is why, more than tips and tricks, you need a completely new mindset to hack the interview. And hack life.

    This is what separates successful people and unsuccessful people.

    Successful people know that all of life is an interview, and they’ve mastered the Interview Mindset. You can spend hours memorizing the right answers and sculpting the perfect resume, but unless you master this mindset, you’ll be wasting your time.

    Too harsh? Well so is the world of interviews. But I promise you, if you embrace these habits and master this mindset, you’ll find yourself not only crushing it in job interviews, but in all of life.